To be social in today's society means being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so many other social media sites. One simple post allows viewers to catch a glimpse of what the individual's outlook of the day consist of. A simple photo of coffee taken and posted on Facebook can be interpreted so many ways, but the true meaning of the photo was simply "a good cup of coffee." With each passing day we see numerous strangers taking selfies, photos, or looking for the perfect meme to gain the most likable post to upload for their followers on the different social media sites. Is it possible that we have mistaken likes for spirits of envy and lust over one another? Are we silent stalkers that are wishing over fantasies in pictures; rather than living in the reality of being grateful for the life God has presently granted us?

An image is defined as an artifact that depicts visual perception. Many social media sites only function based off the images we post throughout the day. Consequently, the perception that ties along to each image uploaded sometimes get distorted with interpretation. In other words the smile shown on the young lady's posted may not be the true smile behind the lens of the camera. There could be hurt, pain, insecurities, and doubt behind the flawless photo; and yet we envy the unknown. Queens and princesses, the time is upon us to no longer envy one another but truly celebrate each other in every aspect of life. Be a true sister of support in love when others are being an imposter with envy and hate.

Devotional Scripture: John 15:12 "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."

Queens Remember-WE are sisters in the kingdom of God! (There is NO competition in Christ)

Queens Remember-WE are to never judge or label one's daily walk in the faith. (Many wish to sit where you sit, but will never know what you have endured to get to the seat.)

Queen Remember-WE are each given a unique assignment by God. (It is time-out for duplicate Christians)

On this day we declare that we will no longer look to social media to dictate our daily activities, lifestyle, or view of others. We will be beacons of hope through support, prayer, and love for one another when others portray envy and hate. Our duty as Queens and Princesses is to carryout our individual purposes in support of one another in Christ. So I will speak, think, and work for the glory of God. Queens let's post more of the goodness of God and HIS love for us to everyone who is able see. It's time to support one another Queens!

Peace and Blessings you! #ShineYourCrownQueens

Queens Remember-WE are to

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