Recently, Houston, Texas has had the unique opportunity to experience winter weather through examples of snow and surprisingly low outdoor temperatures. School districts and many other businesses cancelled operations due to inclement weather, which required Houstonians to stay home and out of harms way. Numerous families were now able to spend quality time with each other and various distractions somehow were placed at a halt. Throughout the two days conversations, moments of fellowship, and reflections were presented due to the snow storm that approached our lands. In many cases individuals were afforded the opportunity to have quiet time; whether receptive or not. Is it possible that our daily schedules are accomplices to our role as victims in the lack of quiet time? Are we those who avoid time of reflection and reproof through busy work?

Quiet time is defined in the "Survival Kit For Youth" by Ralph Neighbor Jr. as an appointed time to commune with God. It is a set place and time to which the noises of life are shut out, and we allow God to speak to us through HIS word and through prayer. For short it can be called TIC (Time In Christ). TIC allows us moments to which God shows us our truest self. The mirror of truth is presented before us, and God begins the re-imaging process. Queens and Princesses we must begin to have TIC in order to be used by God effectively and efficiently. We must allow God to show us our areas of strength, weaknesses, and purpose.

Devotional Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,"

Queens Remember- WE must set a time in our daily walk to commune with God. (God's guidance is the only guide for a true Queen/Princess.)

Queens Remember-WE must always allow God to mold us, shape us, and form us. (God is the Potter;We are the Clay.)

Queens Remember-WE have TIC (Time In Christ) to be real with our creator and ourselves. (We are forever under construction; there is NO perfect person.)

On this day WE declare that we will no longer maintain busy schedules and itineraries to avoid our truth in Christ. Each moment that God shows us ourselves is only the tool necessary to becoming whole in HIM. Our duty is not just to look the part of being Queens in Christ, but our souls must also reflect Christ within us. So I will speak, think, and work for the glory of God; knowing that I am not a finished product. WE shall each declare with pride that we are God's masterpiece in the making. Queens be true to the mirror before you, God is not through with us yet!

Peace and Blessings to you! #ShineYourCrownQueens

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