Every Spring and Summer I find myself cleaning out my closet. Within this purging process I sale items that have never been worn, and I donate items that have been lightly worn. This process is necessary in order to free up space within my closet, and it helps me monitor what is of quality use within my closet. On many occasions while cleaning I have found duplicate items, forgotten blouses, lost fashion, and vintage pieces that were lost within the clutter. Being honest, I have fallen victim to holding on to items because of the memories associated to the apparel. Purging helps curtail the mess in a very important space in my life. It is here I am yet reminded of how purging is also important in our everyday walk. Is it possible we are held captive by our past? Are we held hostage by our negative thoughts, ill-will friends, and even bad decisions?

Today many Christian believers are not progressing because we are not truly free. Within our faith walk, our past can sometimes hold us captive; and our purpose is on lock-down due to the lack of space to bloom. Queens and princesses, the season to let it all go is now. Be forever reminded that God has washed away all of our sins, and we are forever covered by the blood of Jesus. Therefore regret, uncertainty, self-hate, doubt can no longer take up space within us because of our connection to our heavenly father. We must let it go!

Devotional Scripture: Isaiah 43:19-19 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing. Now it sprung up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

Queens Remember: We must let go of ALL the things that removes the promises of God.

Queens Remember: We can never properly move forward still looking in the rear mirror.

Queens Remember: We are forever changed because of Christ. Therefore walk into your royalty!

On this day we declare we will no longer carry the weight of our past, but move forward in Christ because we are free. We will forever remember God's love, and allow that agape love to groom us into God's purpose. We shall let go of all the hurt, disappointment, and pain; and allow God to mend us back together piece by piece. So we will walk, talk, and think of God's amazing grace that freed us from our past. Queen's we shall let it go, because we are free in Christ!

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