Can you handle the truth? This question can lead to various responses and actions. In an era that thrives on honesty and "keeping it real", being true in nature is sometimes an attitude that is furthest from our reflection. On many occasions I am guilty of masking my flaws, insecurities, and opinions to accommodate others. I am guilty of worrying about others opinions. Have you ever wondered if the world really knew us, would the world truly accept us for who we are? Our gravest fear sometimes rest upon hiding our true nature in order to blend in. Trends, fashion, friendships, and relationships sometime help layer the mask that covers our very own truth. Is it possible that the Christian believer is nothing more than dressed up dirt? Are we participants in a game of disguising ourselves in order to be relevant in a world full of lies?

Today, many fall victim to becoming impersonators of what we think others wish to see. Our lifestyles can mistakenly portray numerous filters and cropped scenes. Queens and princesses, the season to live in our truth is now. Be forever reminded that our scars and blemishes are just right for God. Therefore live in your truth, and know that you are a perfect instrument God can use through grace and mercy. My truth is forever covered with God's AGAPE love.

Devotional Scripture: Colossians 3:9 "Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices."

Queens Remember- We are each unique vessels loved by God. It's time out for "copy cat" Christians!

Queens Remember-We must always remember that our truth is our testimony. It's time out for covering up the work Christ is doing within us!

Queens Remember-We must start loving ourselves, flaws and all, in order for our truth to be heard. It's time out for not having peace due to our past!

On this day WE declare to walk in our truth; no matter the audience. We will forever remember God's forgiving love, God's unmerited grace, and God's continuous mercy towards us. My truth can't be bought, contained, or duplicated. Therefore we will walk, talk, and think on how God is re-making us for the glory of the kingdom. I will not be ashamed of who and whose I am. Queens we shall be bold in our truth, and know God gets the glory from our testimony!

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