“In dark spaces the eyes adjust to seeing the unknown.” This quote captures the heart and essence of where each of us as a nation, culture, and community are today. Presently, we are faced with the difficult task of “social distancing” in response to COVID-19. No longer can the individual formally/causally meet, socialize physically with one another, or hold gatherings of ten or more. The common touch has now become the doorway to contracting a virus, rather than a symbol of peace and hope to the individual. Social media has now become an extended outlet for vast numbers to communicate, reach the outside world, or find inspiration in the simple things in life. Here is my truth, I do not enjoy being still or isolated. I am guilty of taking random trips to the grocery store just to find relief from the confines of isolation. Consequently, is there a lesson through all of this? Have we fallen victim to the negative connotation of isolation?

Today, many are afraid based upon what is shown on the news, the high COVID-19 numbers displayed upon the vast media outlets, and even hear-say. Isolation in this season is not the time to count ourselves out or hopeless. It is here that I believe this social distancing may very well be a key for healing for our nation. Don’t count yourself out in this race of life based upon the requirement to be still. This hour requires for us to stay the course through a time of reset in God through prayer, inward reflection, and an outward reproof to get back aligned to the will of God. Queens and princesses, the season is here for us to no longer fall victim to the physical views of the world; but to open our spiritual eyes and ears to what God is trying to reveal to us. Be forever reminded that waiting time is never wasted time in God. Therefore, live out this moment, and know that God is carving out this undistracted divine time for each of us to commune with him.

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth!"

Queens Remember- Waiting time is not wasted time!

Queens Remember-We must use this divine quiet time as an intentional meeting with God!

Queens Remember-We must remember that God has a way of removing the distractions to maintain the great purpose He has within us.

On this day WE declare to no longer fight against the perimeters of isolation, no matter the time. We will forever remember God is always at work, God never makes any mistakes, and God only intends to bring out the best in us in every moment of our lives. Therefore, we will walk, talk, and think on how God is resetting us through this time of isolation for the glory of the kingdom. I will not waste this moment in time with fear, doubt, or any levels of mediocrity. Queens we shall be about our Father’s business!

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