“Your level of understanding is clearer than you think.” Like many of you I have now been home for almost 3 weeks. Operating from this new level of norm for social check-in, work, meetings, and church is different. We have all had to make some adjustments, and collectively we are praying that this pandemic will come to an end. It is here I must be honest, having this down time has created numerous doorways and moments into deep thought. I find myself questioning, sad, or in this negative mindset about current things in my life. It almost feels as if I am stuck in a dark rut based upon the condition I am currently in. Not being able to go anywhere, planned events are being cancelled, and my financial resources are getting increasingly tight now; all contributing to this lost and hopeless mental outlook. Is it possible we are placing negative value upon ourselves based upon negative conditions that are not permanent? Are we defining our purpose based upon glasses viewed in doubt being half empty rather than having faith and declaring the glass is half full?

Today, many are faced with numerous negative conditions and surroundings because of COVID-19. Doubt in this season will have us collectively giving up on things that are in our favor through Christ Jesus. It is here that I must believe what God has spoken over me prior to COVID-19. No matter our present conditions, we must not allow doubt to darken the light that God has placed within us. This light still shines over each of us, over our families, over our places of employment, over our finances, over our education, and over us globally as a nation. Queens and princesses, the season is here for us not to doubt based upon the outlook; but to open our spiritual eyes and see through faith how God is orchestrating the outcome. Be forever reminded that doubt erases the promises of God. Therefore, in every moment we shall have faith and hope, knowing God has not forsaken us.

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 91:1-2 "He who lives in the safe place of the Most High will be in the shadow of the All-powerful. I will say to the Lord, “You are my safe and strong place, my God, in Whom I trust.”

Queens Remember- We must recognize that doubt will always cause us to forget one’s worth!

Queens Remember-We must cleave to God’s word during uncertain conditions!

Queens Remember-We must remember that God is still in control and never makes any mistakes.

On this day WE declare to no longer doubt the works of God, even in unprecedented times. We will forever remember God is always at work, God never makes any mistakes, and God knows us by name. Therefore, we will walk, talk, and think on how God is working behind the scenes amid COVID-19. I will not have a disposition of despair, but worship God in advance on what He is about to fulfill. Queens we shall keep the faith and not doubt!

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