"Good Friday" was for ME!

“Jesus went to Calvary to save a wretch, like you and me; that’s love, that’s love.” These lyrics have been sung by thousands and is truly one of my favorite songs to hear in the church. As the song plays out, our minds are taken on a journey of what Christ endured for the sins of the world. The images of Christ being betrayed by Judas, then placed under captivity for no crime committed, carried through the judicial system of the Sanhedrin council, then to be beaten all night long, to have the verdict of death placed upon him, his final destination is to a cross that never belonged to him, and fast forward to Jesus taking on the cross to destroy all crosses of every generation. I find myself humble, grateful, and sometimes in disbelief that Jesus Christ did that for me. Being honest I have made so many mistakes, stood behind wrong decisions, and placed high value upon worthless things and people. Yet, Good Friday was for me! Is it possible we are unable to grasp “Good Friday” because of the lack of understanding God’s AGAPE love? Are we captives to our very own issues rather than linking ourselves to the freedom in Christ who has already sacrificed himself for all our issues (past/present/future)?

Today, the pattern of guilt clouds our nation. It seems we have reached an unrecognizable state of existence. Press conferences are continuously displaying wrongful actions of finger pointing rather than individuals accepting the truth in their mistakes. Society seems to perpetuate the faults of others, and we become guilty links of shame and defeat. It is here that we must recognize and accept the gift of Christ. No matter what our past maybe, Good Friday establishes a way to erase those dark spots in our lives. There is no greater sin that Christ has not already covered by His blood. Queens and princesses, the season is here for us to no longer limit ourselves because of guilt and shame, but to allow the gift of Christ; through Good Friday, to make us free heirs to God’s purpose. Be forever reminded that Christ has already paid the price for each of us, and we are worthy and free to carry out the work within the kingdom. Therefore, in every moment we are to give thanks, praise, and adoration for the gift of life through Jesus Christ.

Devotional Scripture: Isaiah 53:5 "But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.”

Queens Remember- We must recognize that God has the power to heal and make all things new!

Queens Remember-We must keep God as our constant source of hope!

Queens Remember-We must remember that God’s unconditional love and power can transform even the most devastating circumstances!

On this day WE declare to no longer allow guilt and shame to cloud our relationship with God. We will forever remember God’s amazing gift to us through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will walk, talk, and think of God’s unmerited favor of grace and mercy upon us. I will no longer live in shame, defeat, or guilt of my past; but give God praise because Good Friday was for ME! Queens we shall keep the faith!

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