One Song!

There is a fact in life that never changes no matter the gender, age, or ethnicity. Music has a way of reaching the heart and bringing people together in unique ways. Think of the moments that have played out in our lives, and the music that was in the background during those moments. We can remember what we were wearing, the place, the time, and even those who were around us. Music always seems to present occasions for individuals to be taken on a journey of discovery. This is even true within the faith walk, and how music ushers the soul into praise. Praise is giving God thanks for all He has done in our lives, and how one song can guide us into that place of thanksgiving. I can recall a many of moments to which one song has shook my soul while driving, sitting at my desk at work, or even while cleaning my home. One song being the cause of tears flowing down my face, and I lift a voice of thanks to God for every blessing in my life. It is here that during these past forty-three days of quarantine that my “one song” has gotten me through the day and allowed my mind to be removed from the problem and placed to the solution. May 2020 is here, and many of us are faced with challenging decisions for the future. Is it possible that the challenges of the world can overtake our minds, bodies, and souls if we do not have that “one song” to shift us to a level of praise? Are we becoming inadequate instruments in a silent nation?

Today, we are blessed to see a new month of 2020. The year may not be all we had hoped it to be, but the good news is we are still here. COVID-19 has placed a hold on our schedules, agendas, and goals. Days are running into nights, and many of us are alone with our own thoughts. It is here that we must grab a hold to that “one song” that will shift our minds to a place of praise. That song that will remind each of us that God is still sovereign, and we are His children. No matter what tomorrow holds, “Why We Sing” written by Kirk Franklin will always be a song on my lips and lyrics held within my heart. “You Know My Name” a song by Tasha Cobbs Leonard puts me past praise and shifts me to a level of worship. Worship is giving thanks to God for what He is about to do in our lives. Queens and princesses, the season is here for us to start singing, speaking, and playing that “one song” that will take our eyes off the problem and shift us to the problem-solver: Jesus Christ. Be forever reminded that praise and worship are the keys to tearing walls down in every area of our lives. Therefore, your key is that “one song”!

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 101:1 "I will sing of your love and justice; to you, Lord, I will sing praise.”

Queens Remember- that praise with my “one song” brings God into the scene!

Queens Remember- that praise with my “one song” opens the gates of Heaven and the doors of blessings!

Queens Remember- that praise with my “one song” dissipates worry and dilutes concern and fear!

On this day WE shall sing our song of praise to God to tarnish sadness and magnify God’s goodness. We will forever remember through our “one song” that our God is almighty. Therefore, we will walk, talk, and sing of God’s love for us all. That “one song” that shifts us to praise and worship will be the guiding light for others to want to know more about Christ and the faith. I have got a SONG!

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